Refund and Cancellation Policy


Refund and Cancellation Policy

It is always a good idea to have your Yoga School policies spelled out clearly and specifically. This can prevent misunderstanding between trainees and your School. These policies should be included in the contract so that the trainees are clear about agreement. It is highly recommended that you have a written Refund and Cancellation Policy clearly presented to your prospective trainees. This should minimize or prevent incidents of possible confrontation or litigation.

Worldwide Yoga Alliance insists on fair and transparent policies about fees at its Registered WWYA Yoga Schools. The following recommended practices are in accordance with most regulatory requirements. It is the obligation of each Yoga School to determine ascertain that its policies comply with any local, state or federal legal requirements.

You may consider the following guidelines, though not exhaustive, while designing your Refund and  Cancellation Policy:

  • If the applicant is not accepted into Yoga Teacher Training. You should make a clear distinction between refundable and non-refundable fees right from the beginning. The non-refundable portion of the fee should correlate to your costs for processing the application and/or losing the opportunity to accept another student into the program. You can set a separate, non-refundable Application/ Registration Fee for assessment of the applicant for admission into the course. Total initial deposit before admission into the course should be kept below a small portion of the total fee to be charged.
  • If School cancels a training. If the School cancels training for any reason, WWYA encourages its registered Schools to allow for full refunds, both for fairness and to avoid breach of contract claims.
  • If School postpones a training. If a training session is postponed, a choice should be given to students to continue training on rescheduled dates, or to get a full or partial refund. This is both for fairness and to avoid breach of contract claims.
  • If a student withdraws from the training.
    • If a student withdraws from training with enough notice before the training starts, WWYA encourages a refund after deducting charges for processing application and/ or making arrangements for the training. Time for  required ‘enough’ notice is to be determined by the School.
    • If the student withdraws from training after the training starts, depending on how much training has already been completed, you may consider giving an option to reschedule rest of the training, or, making a refund after applicable deductions.
  • If the student is asked to leave Yoga Teacher Training. For reasons enumerated in the contract, if a student has to be asked to leave, WWYA encourages Schools to make refunds proportionate to any sessions not yet attended by the said student.
  • No-shows, late arrivals or early departures. In absence of a plausible reason or explanation, it is totally up to your discretion, though WWYA encourages Schools to adopt a non-confrontational approach even in such scenarios.
  • Acts of God. If the student is unable to complete the course for medical reasons, or any other mishap, it is only prudent to give a choice to the student to continue training at a later date, or to issue a refund proportionate to any sessions not yet attended by the student.
  • Attendance Policy. It is helpful to have a clear attendance policy too.


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