Be Our Partner


Be Our Partner

Promote your alignment with our Yoga community.

We welcome endorsed partnerships from companies whose products or services support our yoga teachers, schools and studios in their yoga work and daily lives. Worldwide Yoga Alliance offers huge partnership opportunities for businesses to promote their services to our yoga community. All partnerships provide year-round recognition and visibility to the Worldwide Yoga Alliance community. Offer perks to our members and be in the limelight.

Why Partner With Worldwide Yoga Alliance?
Gain year-round exposure to our member yoga teachers, schools and studios who are decision makers and key influencers in the yoga market. Share your products and services directly with your target market. Advertise to our community through targeted email campaigns, website, ads and customized sponsorship. Increase your brand awareness to leaders in the yoga community.

Please contact us for partnership rates and benefits.

Partnership Opportunities

We offer a variety of partnership options or levels. We provide opportunities for partners to grow and increase their ROI over time by upgrading their partnership. Additional opportunities for significant exposure to your target market of business owners and decision makers are also available. You can maximize your presence through a wide variety of channels.

  • Website Ads: Ads on one of the pages of our website
  • Online Workshop Sponsorship: Sponsor a workshop and get exposure to the Yoga community
  • Postal Mail List Rental: One-time rental of postal mailing list
  • WWYA Sponsorship: Support our Yoga community by sponsoring scholarships

Partnership Types

Each partnership is approved after a thorough review and evaluation to ensure high quality, ethical and sustainable products and services.

We offer partnerships opportunities at three levels:

  1. Exclusive: Exclusive Partners are industry leaders and provide the product with a substantial, financial benefit for members. They are the only business that provides this product/service through WWYA.
  2. Endorsed: A company that is one of a select few offering a similar product/service through WWYA.
  3. Affinity: Affinity Partners provide products and services with a tangible, financial benefit to members. This is recommended for established businesses to receive a more robust benefits package.

How to Apply

Please ask for details of Partnership opportunities, Application form and applicable Fees. Each partnership is approved after a thorough review and evaluation to ensure high quality, ethical and sustainable products and services.

Partner Eligibility and Application Criteria

Here is a list of some of the criteria:

  • Support for the yoga community, daily living or health and wellness
  • Ethical and sustainable business and manufacturing practices
  • Ethical and sustainable sourcing of products
  • Quality of the product and service
  • Service to the community
  • Public perception, based on press and media coverage

The following additional documents may be requested:

  • Policy statements
  • Manufacturing statements
  • Financial statements
  • Ingredient lists
  • Samples

WWYA requires a complete application with all requested corresponding materials to evaluate a new partner.

We look forward to working with you!

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