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Worldwide Yoga Alliance represents the yoga community. Our mission is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of yoga and its teaching. Visit WWYA Home page to learn more about our guiding principles and what we do.

Media professionals may submit requests to We will do our best to respond before your deadline. If you would like to request a logo or a photo for a story, please include that information in your email. Visit our Media Inquiries page for the latest press releases from Worldwide Yoga Alliance and facts about our organization.

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Quick Facts:

  • We strongly support and promote education and research in Yoga, and all that can be achieved through Yoga.
  •  Worldwide Yoga Alliance provides a platform for all practitioners of Yoga and related disciplines from all over the world for working together for the good of everyone.
  • Worldwide Yoga Alliance is a registry—we do not certify teachers or schools.
  • It is estimated that over 80 million people are interested in trying yoga in 2016, and over 36 million people already practice it in America alone.*
  • In 2016, consumers spent over $16 billion on yoga classes, clothes, products, props, etc.*
  • Approximately half of yoga teachers have been teaching for more than six years.*


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* Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance, 2016 Yoga in America Study, 2016

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